Oh yeah. We also save people and help the world. But on my days off, I get #slizzerd.

"Today I woke up, showered, got dressed then skipped all my classes and played Halo Reach-around for the rest of the day. What a life." #brostory
Last night at the end of your average night of bar debauchery my bros and I were stumbling home when
we were faced with a group of lovely ladies. Of course, we approached them and began to impress them
with our amazing wit and style. However, these ladies had already been claimed by another group of
bros, and they were not as keen on our wit as the ladies. Although many harsh words were exchanged,
no blows followed. As we walked we saw them get into a car and turn a corner. We ended up turning
the same corner to see their car getting pulled over. DUI anyone?
Thanks for the submission brosef198.

Look at this bro: