My hometown bro wanted me to come to his college for spring break. Bro is loaded so he springs for the ticket. We go out to the local bars and parties and have a fabulous time. At one bar, I met this tiny little thing that was way out of my league but at the time I had been drinking since early afternoon and his bros were feeding me shots, so my Rico Suave was really kicking in. It was about 10 pm and I'm decide I'm tapping out for the evening, and somehow I managed to win the dimepiece over. We got back to the bro's apartment and I knock the bottom out of it till a least 4 am.

We both wake up late and she say's, "Shit, what have I done, I got finals today, I have to be in class by 10:30 or I'm screwed." I asked her where car was and she said she didn't have a license, so I grabbed my bro's vette to take her to school. Get there about 10:20, she has no bra on and no panties (I knew about the bra because she was freaking out because we couldn't find it and the panties I found later when my bro was wearing them on his head when I got back). Back at my bro's place, my bro is sitting on the phone with police because he thinks his car was stolen. Apparently he never bothered to check to see if I was there. When I walk in, he explains to the cops, then asked me where I went. 

Me: "I took Stacy to school, she had finals today." 
Bro: "Really were does she go to school?" (Something that rich ivy leaguers always ask). 

I couldn't remember the name, so I explained where it was. 

Bro: "She doesn't have you full name does she." 
Me: "No, pretty sure she doesn't."
Bro: "Well, you just took here to school all right. In more ways than one. But the most important one is the all girl's high school you just dropped her off at."
Check out this VM that my bro got last night.
"So last night I went out with my bro on campus. He disappeared and when we finally found him again he was falling on his face every step. We grabbed him and rolled back to our building. As we reached the first landing on the stairs he sat down and said that he needed to pee. With no hesitation he whipped it out and made it rain going down the stairs, without hitting himself at all. We were all very impressed, however as soon as he finished he shouted that he wanted to party and ran down the stairs. Luckily for us, the stairs were nice and slippery at this point and he fell on his face, in his own piss. Great end to a great night." #bropwnd