So if you haven't heard, this is the new rage: Ghosting a beer. Ghosting is easy. Simply grab a brew. Lift up your shirt over your head. Then drink the beer through your shirt. Why would anyone do this? Why not? For starters, as a bro, you get to show off your massive 6-pack. No bro should or ever will pass up that opportunity. Anyone can Ghost a beer, both bros and fem-bros alike. Whether you are a lax bro crushin' brews on your way home from long game, or pregaming before homecoming, that spot on your shirt wil be the beacon of hope to all other bros.

Check out the new site here: Pros to those who invented Ghosting. Apparently it was a few bros Ithaca College.
Great story by an anonymous bro:

So my bro is at this raging party with taco trucks and video game consoles. At one point Deltron gets on stage. Pretty nuts. Anyways, he meets this fine dime piece, but unfortunately this piece is with another guy. Being the pro bro that he is, that doesn't stop him.  After a little persuasion, he gets her number and texts her the next day. Turns out that the other dude was her boyfriend, but she still went out with my bro as well as went back to his place.

Did I mention that she lives with her boyfriend?

Pro status.
Hello fellow Bros,

For those of you who are submitting these great stories, keep it up. Bros are starting a revolution and we are the future. Just check out the description about us on ChaCha. Check it out:

Now on to the real story. Here are some pretty funny stores from a Bro on a radio show:
A great tale by a great bro:

"Alright, so I was chilling with my buddy hacking a dart when my buddy started talking to this old dude. For some reason, this old guy points over to some girl and is like: 'Do you her?' 'Nah.' - I replied. I wasn't trying to put in that work, it was suppose to be a chill night. Still, he walked over and started talking to this girl and then he called us over to meet her. Some boring conversation followed, but I got her number. Later that night I sent her some texts and  met up with her. It was me, this biddy, my bro, and some other chick and somehow my bro knew the girl that I was trying wheel. I figured since this was already happening, I might as well put in some effort. At one point I dipped to go to the washroom and when I got back I found my bro macking that girl. WTF?! Kinda pissed I was ripping a bowl when all of sudden my bro come over and sits right next to me. I finish my bowl then turn to him and say 'Bro? Really?'"

Pick your bros wisely.
A tale from a true bro: 

"It was the night of my 21st bday, I went down to visit my best bro, and he swore that he'd hook me up with a slampeice. We ended up meeting up with his friends for bowling and some heavy pre-gaming before bar hopping. We went to a final bar for the night and he introduced me to a fine-ass diddy he had met at school, who was completely into him. As we were about to leave, he convinced the diddy to leave with us, but she dragged "The Milf" along. I figured it'd be a true cockous blockus, but once we got back to the apt, my bro told her to flash me for my b-day. Soon after that the diddy gave in to birthday make out sessions and toplessness. Eventually, we all separated into our respective rooms, my bro took "The Milf" and I smashed the diddy that night. Thanks BRO!"

* Happy 21st Bro. Sounds like it was a memorable one *