Let me tell you about this bro story:

I was at this party with a bro and we spotted these two dime-pieces from across the room. My bro got up on one and as he was grinding on her, he leaned over and asked me to make sure she is good looking, as he only got a glimpse of her backside. I maneuvered around to make sure, gave him a thumbs-up then started dancing with her friend. The next morning he was furious cause he was laying next to a beast. I could make excuses like "the room was dark," but let's be honest, her friend was hot. #sorrybro


04/08/2011 10:43pm

you imbecile omg shut the fuck up what a disgusting misogynist story you fuckup

04/09/2011 12:47am

Ha, you are probably one of those beasts he is talking about. Sorry we party.

04/13/2011 4:41am

hahaha thats great.

05/23/2013 1:05am

You guys are so fucking retarded. None of the stories on this site are even true.


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