A great tale by a great bro:

"Alright, so I was chilling with my buddy hacking a dart when my buddy started talking to this old dude. For some reason, this old guy points over to some girl and is like: 'Do you her?' 'Nah.' - I replied. I wasn't trying to put in that work, it was suppose to be a chill night. Still, he walked over and started talking to this girl and then he called us over to meet her. Some boring conversation followed, but I got her number. Later that night I sent her some texts and  met up with her. It was me, this biddy, my bro, and some other chick and somehow my bro knew the girl that I was trying wheel. I figured since this was already happening, I might as well put in some effort. At one point I dipped to go to the washroom and when I got back I found my bro macking that girl. WTF?! Kinda pissed I was ripping a bowl when all of sudden my bro come over and sits right next to me. I finish my bowl then turn to him and say 'Bro? Really?'"

Pick your bros wisely.


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