A tale from a true bro: 

"It was the night of my 21st bday, I went down to visit my best bro, and he swore that he'd hook me up with a slampeice. We ended up meeting up with his friends for bowling and some heavy pre-gaming before bar hopping. We went to a final bar for the night and he introduced me to a fine-ass diddy he had met at school, who was completely into him. As we were about to leave, he convinced the diddy to leave with us, but she dragged "The Milf" along. I figured it'd be a true cockous blockus, but once we got back to the apt, my bro told her to flash me for my b-day. Soon after that the diddy gave in to birthday make out sessions and toplessness. Eventually, we all separated into our respective rooms, my bro took "The Milf" and I smashed the diddy that night. Thanks BRO!"

* Happy 21st Bro. Sounds like it was a memorable one *


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