Sup bros. I want to tell you a story about my bro, who is notorious for blacking out and doing stupid shit, and our frat, who got fed up with getting in trouble for his antics. This past semester, my brothers were so mad at him, that each night they assigned one of the pledges to make sure he was under control. Basically a DD for his life. A few days ago, this pledge goes out with my bro and the entire night is stopping him from doing stupid shit while he is drunk. Eventually, the bro gets tired and goes back to the house, where the pledge leaves him passed out in his bed. The next morning, my bro is gone and his cellphone is off. I got a call from him later that afternoon. Apparently, in his blacked out state, he called a cab to the airport, hopped on a plane and woke up in the middle of a flight to Denver. I am not sure how he got through security, but that is a night he will never forget... or even remember.


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