Bro Tip: Keep your running shoes on and laced up when in Mexico.

* If you do decide to go to Mexico, despite the drug wars, be careful of where you relieve yourself. The following is a pretty intense story from a brononymous reader who wanted to share his tale. * 

"After a night of partying at Senor Frogs (who doesn't love tequila shots getting poured down your mouth by hot chicks), I found himself stumbling through the streets. Trying to make his way back to the hotel, he stopped to take a piss only to get flashlights pointed at his back as he zipped up. Not having any money for a bribe, he was hauled off to sober up. Unfortunately, the jail was off in the middle of no where, and when the checked me in the took mh shoes. WTF?!? Luckily, the incompetent guards (maybe they just like to f*** with tourists) left the jail cell unlocked. I found myself in a delicate situation: either run or stay and risk being left in jail for the foreseeable future." 

* Being a real bro, he opted to book it. Get that cardio. * 

"Shoeless and broke, I ran it out of the cell, past the guards and out into the desert. When I finally found civilization, I was ready to crush some brews and start all over again. After I got some new shoes."


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