So if you haven't heard, this is the new rage: Ghosting a beer. Ghosting is easy. Simply grab a brew. Lift up your shirt over your head. Then drink the beer through your shirt. Why would anyone do this? Why not? For starters, as a bro, you get to show off your massive 6-pack. No bro should or ever will pass up that opportunity. Anyone can Ghost a beer, both bros and fem-bros alike. Whether you are a lax bro crushin' brews on your way home from long game, or pregaming before homecoming, that spot on your shirt wil be the beacon of hope to all other bros.

Check out the new site here: Pros to those who invented Ghosting. Apparently it was a few bros Ithaca College.


10/29/2010 6:04pm

Brohan, I cannot decide on any word in the entire lexicon of languages to confer my utter delight at this story. Its make up is superb, and delights the reader with its great twists and turns. This is truly a riveting tale.

12/27/2010 1:22pm

That's a bro story...Ima use this one for sure !


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