Bro-Tip: Getting chicks to fold your clothes is easy.
One of the best idea I ever tried/succeeded in doing was getting girls to fold my clothes. When you live in a dorm, it is actually quiet easy. Follow these steps. 1. On laundry day, start your load and once you are almost done text your friends who are girls and ask if they want to hang out. 2. Before they get to your place, pour all your clean clothes out on all the seats and your bed in your room. 3. When your friend gets there, and there is no place to sit, it is possible that they will fold your clothes. 4. If they don't get started right away, ask for an example of how to fold a shirt. 5. While they are showing you, tell them you need multiple examples, or until your clothes are done. 6. Feign or display actual incompetence. Chicks usually feel for you then. 7. Once your bed is cleared, crush and repeat.


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