So the other weekend I was out with my bros hitting the usual bars. The night was fun, but fairly average and uneventful at the beginning. There are five of us: 4 bros and a fem-bro to drive us around. At closing time we all head back to her car in a parking garage. Before we get in all of the beer we drank hits each of us so we all decide to spread out to take care of business. I wander off and do my thing and then head back to the car. As soon as I sit down I see a cop open the door to our floor and look straight at our car. I look back into the car and realize that my bro was still out there. The cop looked pissed, but immediately spotted the straggler, red-handed as it were. My buddy was completely unaware of the cop standing behind him as he fought his pee-shyness. At this point the cop, with a newly acquired smile, taps my buddy on the shoulder. That tap, however, scared the piss out of him and the cop had to shuffle out of the way. Not a good end to the night for that bro.



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