So my buddy is visiting me from out of town. Naturally my goal is for him to meet a lovely lady. Fastforward to the end of the night. We haven't had much success and as it is the end of the night and we have drank our faces off our standards drop a little. We end up talking to these two decent chicks as the bar is closing. We convince them to come back to my place. Eventually he takes his to my couch and I go to my room with mine. Mine is boring and we basically just pass out. My buddy ends up fingerblasting and getting domed up. Which is great, however, as soon as he finishes, the girl starts talking about love and that she is gonna go visit him really soon. So my bro panics and throws a blanket on her and ends up sleeping on my roommate's floor terrified, until the two girls leave at 6am. I guess he didn't want to marry a 6. #brostory


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