Oxford Comma Bitches.

So, in honor of our great country, I went to this ragin' BBQ and bust out my guitar to play a few jams for America. Definitely the right idea, cause I caught the attention of a smokin' piece. Still, since it was the 4th, she wanted to stay out and make sure that we celebrate America. I put in my time, and as the night wound down, I say "why not come back to my place for a "private concert." You know the rest. And that is why every bro should learn to play the guitar.


George Hill
07/22/2010 4:39pm

I am taking up the guitar immediately.

07/22/2010 4:40pm

What a f***ing douche. I would never bust out my guitar at a party.

You're the d-bag
07/22/2010 4:46pm

Yeah, but you still would think about it.

Chick that plays guitar better than you.
04/11/2011 10:34am

Definitely one trick that never worked on me.


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