This is a pretty long story posted by a true bro.

"One of my bros decided to come chill for his Christmas exodus and on New Year's Eve, about 6 other bros and I load up in my Mazda 6 to hit up some parties. The first one we stopped at was nothing but high schoolers as we were mislead by a wanna-be-bro. We left that fool at the party, but chilled for about 15 minutes until I some dime piece started chatting me up. 

Me: What grade are you in? 
Slam piece: Freshmen.
Me: In college? (wishful thinking bro)
Slam piece: Umm, no.
Me: Bros, we gotta go! 

We grabbed everybody, 'cept that fool who led us here, and literally every beer they had and headed towards the next party. On our way, we had to stop so I could take a piss. We pulled over next to this car in a gas station, I got out in front of their car and started pissing in front of them. They honked, so I flipped them off."

Part 2:

"We got to the next party and it was banging. They were feeding us shots, and as the night progressed a myriad of crazy things happened. One bro fucked some girl then started walking around naked, another bro chatted up a dime piece right when we got there and wasn't seen again until the next morning, another bro got denied by some chick (poor bro) and he fell asleep in the upstairs hallway. Here is what happened to me: I got domed up in the middle of the living room by some slam piece while the party was in full swing. Next, I took every blanket and pillow from every room to sleep with and to top it off I also jacked a mattress. Finally, I blacked out on it in the hallway. When I woke up, I stole their entire carton of orange juice, rounded up the bros and went to breakfast. 

Here's the cherry on top: the bro that was initially denied, fingerblasted some slam piece. Shit you not, his fingers turned green. Nasty.

That's how you start a new year... bro style."


09/22/2011 7:02pm

Let me get this stole their ENTIRE carton of orange juice? BAD ASS, BRO!!! Never heard anything so crazy.

05/23/2013 1:02am

You're so hardcore! What a "bro"! I wish us lowly women could be as cool as men!


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