So this New Year’s Eve I hit up a party at my bro's to celebrate.  My bro shares a room, but his roommate was out of town, so I was all set up to crash in his roommates bed. Despite having to share a room, after a few the bottles of champagne, as well as being champion bros, we both brought a girl back to the room, since there were no other rooms available. After a little bit, I decided, “Fuck it” (literally). Well, my bro failed to call my bluff and left sexiled for the night. Later that night I had to use the bathroom, but first stole all my bros blankets while he slept on the couch. When I put the blankets in my room I had the mind-blowing idea to lock the door so no one could steal my bed, which in turn lock myself out of the room. Then, I took a wrong turn and pissed on his other roommates court citation that was on the floor next to a desk. I don't think I am getting invited to next year's NYE bash.


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