Another bronoymous tale.

My freshman year I was being a nice bro-mate and threw my roommate a surprise bday party. From the moment I met him, he was all about having a bday party cause his actual birth was during the summer, and he never had one as a kid. Being a good bro, I got all of our buds together and surprised him. We then hit up the party, we split up and went about our business looking for some presents of our own. Later that night, I had a girl hooked, and decided to bring her back. When I got there, I found another after party and, not wanting to end the party, I just joined in and kept the drinks flowing. When I turned around, he was making out with the chick I brought back. I guess he thought she was his birthday present. Bro-Blocked...


06/22/2010 7:49am

hmmm i wonder who submitted this one......


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