So my bro and I hit this house party with the shots pouring, but no fine breezy in sight yet. Then, in walk in these 3 chicks, one of which is a straight dime! I start chatting her up, and as the night went on she got pretty buzzed. We had a couple make out sessions throughout the night and she couldn't stay off me. At the end of the night, my bro and I get invited back to her place; him with her other friend. When we get back, her room was a mess, so I end up doin this chick on a pile of laundry on her bed. I was almost finished when we hear it "Who the fuck is this!" The laundry started moving and, yeah, it was the chicks mom!?!? She calls us all to the living room, with this dime getting dressed, but me and my friend just look at each other and just book it to the car. No chance I am trying to have that conversation. 


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