Hello fellow bros,

Today, is a day that will live in bronfamy as today brostories was born. This bro story is a two parter of my tales across the pond.

Part 1:
Although some programs are serious, studying abroad in Prague is probably the biggest bro party one could ever take part in. Seriously. Last night was bro night at Lucerna, i.e. 80s night. If you ever go, ask for the pants check on your way in. I did. Anyways, drinks are cheap and girls are numerous. My bros def were trying to suck some face. I got on stage in front of the jumbotron. A few songs later I took off my shirt. The very next song they played was "im too sexy." They know me well.

Part 2:
In Hungary, this past weekend, I was given a very special treat. We were all standing at a bus stop when it happened. A homeless man, walked up to a phone booth, went into the phone booth, and yes, proceed to take a shit in the phone booth. I actually saw his shit come out of his ass. It was one of those things where you don’t wanna look, yet you cant really take your eyes off of it until you really are like... "Well shit, he is actually doing it." That would have been a good time to ice him.


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